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Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanorod Arrays under Different Growth Temperature
Abdelhamid El-Shaer, Mahmoud Abdelfatah, M. I. EL-Henawey, Walid Ismail, M. Kubas, Mabrok Bakry, and A. H. Oraby
 PP. 1 - 8
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ABSTRACT: In this work, we have been successfully fabricated ZnO nanorod arrays on ITO conducting substrate via aqueous chemical bath deposition (ACB). The effect of growth temperatures on the morphology, structure and optical properties have been investigated employing UV–Vis spectroscopy, spectra photoluminescence (PL), Microscope electronic scanning (SEM), and X-ray. The consequence designate the fashioning of zinc oxide nanorod (array) in hexagonal structure through difference orientations for temperature. The best alignment along c axis on ITO substrate was found with 80 °C of growth temperature. Therefore, this growth temperature is the suitable one to obtain ZnO rods for solar cell applications.