About Modern Scientific Press

Modern Scientific Press (MSP) is a company dedicated to e-publishing. It publishes peer-reviewed scientific research papers and e-books. It also serves as a way of promoting science and technology. All MSP journals are Open Access and are freely available worldwide via the Internet.
Publishing research papers online and open access is the new trend of the digital era. There are essentially no differences between open access journals in Modern Scientific Press and the traditional paper-based, subscription-based ones. They share the same peer-review and quality control process. On the other hand, open access papers such as the ones published on MSP can reach more readers (peers) in the shortest time and therefore the impact to the scientific research community and the world is even bigger. In fact, more and more researchers choose to publish their research papers online.
The open access publication costs are usually covered by author's research funds or institution. It is freely accessible to reader.
The headquarters of Modern Scientific Press are located in the greater Miami area of the United States of America.