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Table of Content for Vol. 12 No. 1, 2023

Is a Quantum Gravity Era Necessary?
Bogdan Veklych
 PP. 1 - 8
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ABSTRACT: We present the first published framework of the entirety of cosmological history which is thoroughly classical (without any quantum-gravitational era or singularities) and which passes all the known extensive consistency checks on such a model, and discuss some of its possible cosmological implications, such as its ability to account for the matter-antimatter asymmetry, dark flow, and the Hubble tension, albeit at the cost of further assumptions.

Quantum Equations: Their Some Applications, and Possible Developments
Yi-Fang Chang
 PP. 9 - 22
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ABSTRACT: First, Schrödinger equation and its some applications in DNA, etc., are studied. Second, we research the energy-momentum representation and basic equations, and which are applied to the lifetimes formulas of hyperons. Third, we search possible unified equations of fermions and bosons, both correspond to j+(1/2) order Bessel equation in spherical coordinates, and m order Bessel equation in column coordinates. Finally, we discuss possible 16 type developments of quantum equations.