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Table of Content for Vol. 7 No. 1, 2023

Closed Loop Speed Control of Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Using Algorithms in MATLAB
Tamana Nabi, Aqila Jan, Mehtashin Amin, Bisma Gulzar, Faizan Ashraf, Mir Umer Bashir, Siember Mushtaq
 PP. 1 - 13
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ABSTRACT: At instant, verdant technology is a considerable worry in every sod around the globe and electricity is a squeaky-clean power which encourages the obtainment of this technology. The main missions of electricity are framed through the application of electric machines. Electric energy is transformed to robotic energy employing a motor, that"s to enunciate, the considerable missions of electrical power are compiled through electric motors. Brushless direct current (BLDC) machines own approach even in numerous details due to its equatorial sustentation expenses and dense shape. The BLDC machines can be swapped to frame the assiduity additionally dynamic. To pick up better interpretation BLDC motor requires controller drive slacking to constrain its speediness and torque. This project describes the arrangement of the BLDC motor control system using MATLAB/ SIMULINK software for Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) algorithm that can then effectively ameliorate the speediness control of these kinds of motors. Other than PID algorithm we’ve used Proportional Integral( PI) algorithm, Proportional Derivative( PD) algorithm, Proportional( P) algorithm, Integral( I) algorithm, Derivative( D) algorithm. The purpose of the design is to give an overview about the functionality and design of the all the controllers used. Ultimately, the study undergoes roughly well- performing tests that will support that the PID regulator is far more applicable, better functional, and effective in achieving satisfactory control performance compared to other controllers.