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Table of Content for Vol. 17 No. 1, 2022

Pipeline Corrosion and Its Preventions in the Oil and Gas Sector: A Review
E.E Etim, A. Magaji, I. I. Etim, G.O Ogofotha
 PP. 1 - 11
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ABSTRACT: The oil and gas sector is one of the major sources of revenue in the Nigeria Economy and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Transportation of petroleum product is one of the main activities in the petroleum industries and this is made easier and better with the use of pipelines produced mostly from iron, steel or related materials that are known to be corrosive especially on reaction with oxygen. Corrosion in pipelines is one of the major problems faced by the oil and gas sector in Nigeria today, the effect of corrosion in oil and gas pipelines has made corrosion control or prevention one of the factor to been considered in the oil and gas sector. In this review, different type of corrosion was discussed in details ranging from their formation to existence and there prevention was equally discussed which is basically the used of corrosion inhibitors, different corrosion inhibitors was discussed in details including their mode of existence and their application in pipeline so as to ensure that the effect of corrosion is minimized in the oil and gas sector.