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Near Infrared Spectroscopy Evaluation and Regional Analysis of Chinese Pogostemon cablin and Agastache rugosa
Hong-ning Zhao, Sheng-guo Ji
 PP. 1 - 12
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ABSTRACT: Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth. and Agastache rugosa(Fisch. et Mey.) O. Ktze., are commonly used traditional Chinese medicines. They belong to the family Lamiaceae and have very similar macroscopical features, which makes it difficult to differentiate them. In this study, the use of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy combined with chemometrics as a rapid and non-destructive tool for the discrimination of P. cablin from different origins has been preliminarily investigated. NIR spectra were collected in transmission mode in the wavelength range of 4000-12000cm-1. Discriminant models were developed by principal component analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis (CA). The results showed that good classification could be obtained after spectral pre-treatment. The percentage of samples correctly classified by PCA methods in calibration and validation set was 99.9%. The results demonstrated that NIR could be used as a simple and rapid technique to distinguish P. Cablin from none-P. Cablin and A. Rugosa. To further validate the ability of NIR spectroscopy, more samples should be incorporated to build a more robust model.