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Table of Content for Vol. 5 No. 1, 2018

Synthesis, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Evaluation of New Angular 6-Hydroxybenzo[f]chromene Anchored Derivatives
Mohamed A. Abozeid, Mohamed R. El-Kholany, Abdel-Rahman H. Abdel-Rahman, El-Sayed I. El-Desoky
 PP. 1 - 11
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ABSTRACT: 2-Amino-6-hydroxy-4-phenyl-4H-benzo[f]chromene-3-carbonitrile (1) was synthesized via efficient cascade reaction of 2,7-dihydroxynaphathalene with benzylidene malononitrile. The precursor 1 was utilized to synthesize various angular 6-hydroxybenzo[f]chromene derivatives such as benzocoumarins, benzochromenothiazinthione and arylazobenzochromenes under different reactions conditions. Although many products showed promising activities, cyanodihydrocoumarin 4 manifests outstanding antioxidant and antimicrobial activities compared to the reference drugs.

An Efficient Synthesis of Novel Thiazolyl-pyrazolyl-chromen-2-ones by Multicomponent Approach and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant Activities
Ahmed El-Mekabaty, E. M. Kandil, Mona E. Ibrahim, S. A. Kourym
 PP. 12 - 20
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ABSTRACT: A new series of thiazolyl-pyrazole-chromen-2-ones 3a-f and 5a-c have been efficiently designed and synthesized under facile reaction conditions via one-pot multicomponent approach of 3-bromoacetylcoumarin, thiosemicarbazide and various chalcones or 1,3-diketones in ethanol. Some of the synthesized targets were evaluated for the antioxidant screening and compound 5a displayed promising activity.

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some New Fused Quinolones Heterocyclic Compounds
El-Sayed I. El-Desoky, Magdy A. El-Sayed, Ghada E. Abd-ElGhani
 PP. 21 - 35
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ABSTRACT: The compound 3-formyl-4-hydroxy-2-oxo-1-phenyl-1, 2-dihydro quinoline 2 was synthesized efficiently via Reimer-Tieman reaction. Reaction of compound 2 was reacted with hydrazine hydrate, phenyl hydrazine, malononitrile, acetyl acetone yielded a series of heterocyclic derivatives fused or isolated with the quinolinone nucleus. Also, 2-amino-3-cyano pyranoquinolinone derivative 17 was reacted and subjected to react with either formic acid or acetic anhydride/phosphoric acid mixture giving the newly prepared dihydropyranoquinolinone derivative 19. All the structure of the synthesized compounds was elucidated via both the elemental and spectral data. Also, the antimicrobial activities and fungal strain studies were occurred and some of them showed potent activities in comparison with standard antibiotics.