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Table of Content for Vol. 7 No. 1, 2018

Asymptotic Solution for Fractional Airy Differential Equation with Steepest Descent Method
B. Agheli, R. Darzi and A. Neamaty
 PP. 1 - 15
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, we studied asymptotic solution for fractional Airy differential equation (FADE) in the conformable sense with steepest descent method.

Basic Principles of Physics and Their Applications, and Logical Structure of Quantum Mechanics
Yi Fang Chang
 PP. 16 - 39
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ABSTRACT: For the basic principles of physics, we sum up: 1. Symmetry principle and its violation. 2. Various conservation principles and the generalized conservation principle. 3. Limit value principle and the variational principle, which is quantitative methods and the concrete processes on move or change of these conservation quantities. 4. Statistical principle, which combining symmetry violation obtains entropy. 5. Relativity principle. 6. Correspondence principle, uncertainty principle and approximate principle. We discuss simultaneously their applications. For all principles we try to sum up a table. Based on the analysis of the logical structure of quantum mechanics, we proposed that the duality is the only basic principle of quantum mechanics. Statistics is the corresponding mathematical character. The other principles are all physical or mathematical results derived from this. From this we describe a figure of the structure system of quantum mechanics. Gravitational waves are tests of general relativity, and proved they are nonlinear waves. GW 170817 proved that both velocities of gravitational wave and electromagnetic wave are different. We calculate gravitational redshift and the deflection of light for BNS, delay time is 0.1792s.