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Table of Content for Vol. 17 No. 2, 2019

On Some Characterizations of Generalized Log Pearson Type-VII Distribution
Fiaz Ahmad Bhatti, Azeem Ali and Munir Ahmad
 PP. 78 - 84
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ABSTRACT: In this article, generalized log Pearson type VII (GLPT-VII) distribution is characterized via (i) doubly truncated moments and (ii) ratio of truncated moments. The applications and utility of characterizations of GLPT-VII distribution will be constructive for researchers in different disciplines of science.

Semi-analytical Solution for Surface Coverage Model in an Electrochemical Arsenic Sensor Using a New Approach to Homotopy Perturbation Method
V. Ananthaswamy, S. Narmatha
 PP. 85 - 110
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ABSTRACT: The theoretical model for the surface coverage parameter of an electrochemical sensor is considered and discussed. Semi-analytical solution has been derived for arsenic concentration in the steady state and the non-steady state using a new approach to Homotopy perturbation method. Upon comparison, we found that the analytical results of this work are in excellent agreement with the numerical results. Further, the sensitivity of the parameters in the diffusion of the arsenic ions was also analyzed due to its importance in predicting the relationship between the parameters and the model results.

Fractional Calculus and Its Applications for Scientific Professionals: A Literature Review
Rajesh Kumar Shukla and Puneet Sapra
 PP. 111 - 137
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ABSTRACT: In this paper our aim is to explore about the Fractional Calculus and its possible applications in the field of science and engineering. The objective is to expose the reader to the concepts, notations, operators, fractional order differential equations and execution of fractional calculus as well as to show how these may be used to solve the different kinds of modern problems.

Precision Estimation of Assay Data in Mine Exploration Using Robust Regression
Joseph Acquah, Kofi Agyarko and Peter Ofori-Amanfo
 PP. 138 - 150
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ABSTRACT: The paper examined the use of robust regression techniques in solving prob¬lems associated with outliers or extreme observations. Thus, the study seeks for a parameter estimation method which is robust in nature such that a small change in the data set have no effect on the value of the estimation. The robust regression methods considered to determine an acceptable re¬gression model to use are the M-estimate, the MM-estimate, the S-estimate, Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), and the Least Absolute Value (LAV) method. The algorithms of these methods are presented and applied to an assay data in mine exploration to determine the precision estimates in assessing the repeatability of the data. The results show that the use of robust regression techniques in estimating precision of assay data in mine exploration is fea¬sible and reliable.

A purchasing Inventory Model for fading products with non- escalating demand under stock-induced holding cost with and without shortage
R.P.Tripathi and Sachin Mishra
 PP. 151 - 168
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ABSTRACT: This paper presents an EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) model for spoilng commodities by means of non-increasing demand and stock-induced demand. Shortages are allowed in the second model. In this study, a purchasing inventory model for failing products with inventory linked demand is considerd and optimal solution is illustrated in higher organizes equation. Two inventory models are presented for different situations. In the first situation EOQ model is assumed with time induced deterioration and is the second situation deterioration with shortages. The models are developing for these two cases. Most advantageous inventory lot size that minimizes total cost is illustrated. Numerical examples are sensitivity analysis is also illustrated.

Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations by Biorthogonal Wavelet Based Full Approximation Scheme
S. C. Shiralashetti, L. M. Angadi, A. B. Desh
 PP. 169 - 185
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ABSTRACT: Wavelet analysis is newly developed mathematical tool and have been applied extensively in many engineering fileld. Wavelets are used as tools that cut functions or operators into different frequency components, and then study each component with a resolution matching to its scale. In this paper, we proposed the numerical solution of nonlinear partial differential equations by biorthogonal wavelet based full approximation scheme. The proposed method gives higher accuracy in terms of better convergence with low computational time, which has been demonstrated through the some test problems.