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Table of Content for Vol. 16 No. 2, 2018

Bayesian Analysis of Average Age Prevalence of Hypertensive Patients in South Western Part of Nigeria
Olawale Basheer Akanbi
 PP. 76 - 86
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ABSTRACT: Hypertension is a non-communicable disease which is mostly related to age distribution and is rampant in Nigeria. One is likely to develop high blood pressure as long he is getting older. This paper was aimed to determine the average age that one is likely to develop hypertension in Ibadan North Local Government (IBLG). Bayesian Inference was used to analysis this problem. Both uniform and Normal priors were used for the probability update. The month that had the highest number of cases was January and the minimum was recorded in November. It was also observed that 862 (73.4%) of hypertensive patients in the IBLG were female while 312 (26.6%) of them were male. Age group with the highest case was between (52 and 61) years (29.1%) while only one person (0.1%) fell in the age group of 92years and above. The classical estimate, the posterior means for uniform and conjugate priors were (53.5, 53.4 & 53.7) years respectively. The 95% credible interval for the age using conjugate prior was [47.23, 60.17]. It was recommended that an informative normal prior and normal likelihood should be considered for analysing average age prevalence of hypertensive patients in IBLG.

Modified Ratio Estimators Using Coefficient of Skewness of Auxiliary Attribute
Tolga Zaman
 PP. 87 - 95
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ABSTRACT: This paper proposes some ratio estimators for population mean using known skewness coefficient of auxiliary attribute. Theoretically, it is obtained mean square error (MSE) equations for all proposed estimators. The efficiency between the suggested estimators and some known estimators is compared. The theoretical findings are also supported by a numerical examples using original data sets.

Compartmental Model to Study Calcium Distribution in Oocytes
Parvaiz Ahmad Naik
 PP. 96 - 105
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ABSTRACT: Ca2+ plays an important role in the cellular processes. It is important to master the ability to develop model. Modelling of dynamic systems plays a very important role in applied sciences. Compartment models are among the most important tools used for analysing dynamical systems. Ca2+ is considered as second messenger in communication process. Ca2+ distribution in oocytes helps in oocyte maturation. Considering the importance of the Ca2+, in the present paper an attempt has been made to develop a mathematical model to study the effect of various parameters on Ca2+ distribution in oocytes during the fertilization process. The main objective of the paper is to study the effect of buffers, Ca2+ channels and Ca2+ pumps on the intracellular Ca2+ concentration distribution in the oocyte cell.

Solution of System of Viscous Burgers’ Equation via Collocation Method
Hamad Mohammed Salih, Luma Naji ohammed Tawfiq, Zainor Ridzuan Yahya
 PP. 106 - 123
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ABSTRACT: This paper presents a new approach to solve one dimensional system viscous Burgers’ equation with boundary conditions Dirichlet type using collocation method based on cubic trigonometric B-spline. The usual finite difference scheme is applied to discretize the time derivative. Cubic Trigonometric B-spline basis functions are used as an interpolating function in the space dimension. Two test problems are presented to confirm the accuracy and efficiency of the new scheme and to show the performance of trigonometric basis functions. The numerical results are found to be in good agreement with known exact solutions and also with earlier studies.