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Table of Content for Vol. 16 No. 1, 2018

Application of Rothe’s Method to Delay Parabolic Problem with Nonhomogeneous Initial Condition
Rajesh Kumar Shukla and Dinesh Kumar
 PP. 1 - 12
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ABSTRACT: In this paper we establish the existence and uniqueness of a weak solution for a delay parabolic problem with nonhomogeneous initial condition by using the Rothe’s method or method of semidiscretization in time.

Eulerian Integral of Certain Products of Special Functions and a Class of Multivariable Polynomial III
 PP. 13 - 24
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ABSTRACT: The object of this paper is to establish a general Eulerian integral involving the product of three multivariable I-functions defined by Prathima el al. [2], and a class of multivariable polynomials defined by Srivastava and Garg [7] which provide unification and extension of numerous results. Several particular cases will be studied at the end.

Bayesian Analysis of 2014 FIFA World Cup Matches Played and Goals Scored
Olawale B. Akanbi and Oladapo M. Oladoja
 PP. 25 - 36
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ABSTRACT: This study was aimed at determining the average performance of teams that participated at the 2014 World Cup in terms of goals scored. Bayesian approach was used to analyze this problem. There was an update of belief about the average goals scored in the tournament through the conjugate Gamma prior and the Poisson likelihood. Using the conjugate Gamma prior and Poisson likelihood, the average goals scored per team was 1.3354 and a posterior standard deviation of 0.1018. The 95% credible interval for the parameter (average goals scored in the tournament) was [1.143, 1.542]. The point estimate for either prior showed that it is within the limit.

Numerical Solution of Fuzzy Integral Equations via a New Bernoulli Wavelet Method
Mohamed A. Ramadan and Mohamed R. Ali
 PP. 37 - 50
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, an efficient method for the numerical solution of a class of fuzzy Volterra integral equations. The approach starts by expanding the existing functions in terms of Bernoulli polynomials. Subsequently, using the new introduced Bernoulli operational matrices of integration and the product along with the so-called collocation method, the considered problem is reduced into a set of nonlinear algebraic equations with unknown Bernoulli coefficients. The error analysis and rate of convergence are also given. Finally, some tests of other authors are included and a comparison has been done between the results.

Coefficient Inequality for a New Subclass of Analytic and Univalent Functions Related to Sigmoid Function
Xiao-Yuan Wang and Zhi-Ren Wang
 PP. 51 - 57
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ABSTRACT: In the present paper, the authors introduce a new general subclass Mg,h