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Belief of Entropy Increase, Fallacy of Black Hole Thermodynamics, and Its Development
Yi-Fang Chang
 PP. 1 - 10
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ABSTRACT: Present research on black hole entropy is based on some similarities and the belief of the second law of thermodynamics. Essentially, the area increase theorem is only a necessary evolutional direction of back hole, and is independent of thermodynamics and statistics. We proposed that if various internal interactions exist in isolated system, entropy will possibly decrease. Black hole is a simplified and order process, in which entropy should decrease and it is opposite to gas diffusion with entropy increase, and is also the biggest internal interaction. Moreover, black hole cannot be an isolated system, and thermodynamics of black hole should be the theory of dissipation structure, whose entropy decreases possibly. Further, this is impossible that both contrary collection and evaporation of black hole are all entropy increase. For opposite black hole and white hole, one is entropy increase, so another must be entropy decrease. We propose that entropy decrease exists necessarily in self-assembly, and entropy decreases possibly for the molecular motor and some other preconditions.