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Negative Matter as Dark Matter, and Its Judgment Test and Calculation of Ratio
Yi-Fang Chang
 PP. 1 - 12
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ABSTRACT: Based on the negative matter developed the Dirac negative energy state, we research some results and tests of the negative matter as dark matter, in which a judgment test is an opposite repulsive lensing, but usual cases are gravitational lensing for huge massive matter. We suppose that dark matter-energy is completely the negative matter, so ratio between negative mass and baryon mass is 5.36, and from this calculates ratio of total matter-energy and the positive baryon matter is -32.26, or 221.26. New observed value is 20.66. Both can be comparable. Further, we discuss advantage the negative matter as dark energy, for example, unified mass and energy in relativity, determined space-time scales on inflation, and phantom must be a type of the negative matter, and it is similar with weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs), etc.