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Depth to Basement Determination Using Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) of Aeromagnetic Data: An Application to Lower Sokoto Basin, Northwest, Nigeria
Kamba AH and SK Ahmed
 PP. 1 - 10
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ABSTRACT: Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) of aeromagnetic data covering latitude 10.50″ – 11.50″ N and longitude 4″ – 5″ E which corresponds to some part of lower Sokoto basin, northwest, Nigeria, was carried out for the purpose of interpreting the aeromagnetic data over Kaoje, Shanga, Konkoso and Yelwa area northwest Nigeria. The study area is covered by 4 aeromagnetic maps. The result of the Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) has its highest sedimentary thickness of about 2.8 to 3 km which could be found around at central parts of Konkoso, Kaoje and at Northern parts of Kaoje could be sufficient for hydrocarbon prospecting. The shallow sedimentary thickness could also be found predominantly at Shanga, Yelwa and Northern part at Konkoso and Kaoje at west eastern part. These areas were suggested as having the highest sedimentary thickness of about 2.8 to 3 km, as this may determine the presence of hydrocarbon.