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Groundwater Evaluation Study Using Electrical Resistivity Measurements in Bunza Area of Kebbi State, Nigeria
Umar A. B., Ladan B. and Gado A. A.
 PP. 100 - 114
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ABSTRACT: Agriculture is one of the key sectors the Nigerian government is focusing on in revatilising and diversification of the country’s economy and Kebbi state is at the centre stage in rice and wheat cultivation. However, such efforts will always remain futile in the absence of sufficient water supply. Surface water is not much in the study area and the number of unsuccessful boreholes and hand dug wells is high. Geophysical methods (Schlumberger array) provides a simple and quick medium for determining the presence or otherwise of groundwater. Six VES points (VES 1-6) were analysed using the IP2Win software and VES 3 and 5 have the best aquifer and boreholes could be sited in these locations. A reliable interpretation was made by having a look at the lithological borehole descriptions and geophysical well logs within these areas of surveys.